GOP Pep Rally

We’ve entered the final minute and the shot clock is winding down. (As appropriate as a racing metaphor is here, I am just too far excited for the basketball season to start that I can’t help but force this election to conform to a basketball metaphor.) By tally of the polls, the election has been very close throughout. Mitt Romney has had his fast break opportunities and some crowd-roaring slam dunks in recent weeks (nailing the president on domestic oil production, the handling of the Libyan terrorist attack, and the dismantling of the President’s record in the first debate). It is through this opportunities that Mitt Romney has taken the lead. All of the months that President Obama spent trying to show the American people that Mitt Romney was unfit for the presidency was undone by the Romney campaign over the past six weeks. Over these past six weeks, Romney has hammered Obama on his handling of the economy at every opportunity he’s been presented with. The Romney campaign has come very far and I believe the campaign has hit their stride right when the needed to.

The rise of Mitt Romney is evident not only in the polls but the actions of the Obama campaign and the complicit statist media. Over the past three weeks the Obama campaign has become more raucous and disrespectful than ever. Beginning less than two weeks ago, relatively innocuously, the President coined a new term ‘Romnesia’. The President sought to define the “condition” that the Obama campaign diagnosed Mitt Romney with when the Governor stated his positions with conviction and integrity in the face of President Obama’s falsifications of those positions. In the days that followed, the President released his plan for his second term. He branded this plan as the ‘New Economic Patriotism’. I, like the majority of Americans, are just fine with our current form of patriotism. The arrogance exhibited by Obama campaign to label their policies as ‘patriotism’ is sickening. This is an ugly mutation of patriotism that is foreign to America; it is bold faced nationalism. President Obama has gone so far as to label Mitt Romney as a ‘economic traitor’!  The vitriol that President Obama has injected into the final weeks of this campaign is staggering.

The viciousness of Obama rhetoric in recent days is working against him. As he continues to rile up his estranged, rag-tag base of supporters delicately held together by one common thread of empty second term promises, the coveted independent vote is calmly backing away and turning to the steady hand of Mitt Romney. The unraveling of the Obama campaign is epitomized in it’s sexualized plea to first time voters.

Playing off the raging hormones of youth, this ad euphemizes voting as if were akin to losing your virginity. Might I ask you women out there, how does that make you feel? Conversely, as if Obama could fall further in the eyes of men than by bargaining for their daughter’s vote as if it were her virginity is a stellar move. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time the world has witnessed a candidate sexualize the youth vote. Probably not the first page that Obama has taken from Putin’s playbook, but the similarities (even across languages) are unmistakable.

To contrast the actions of the Obama campaign, Mitt Romney has been acting presidential. He delivered this excellent speech on the economy in Ames Iowa just this past Friday.

Bottom line: grind out the next week until the election and push through the drudgery of the statist media bombarding you every day. Things are looking up, according to Rasmussen and Gallup, even if the media and President choose to ignore it. Keep the faith and let your voice be heard one week from today. From desk of Ronald Reagan, “It can be done” … now go out there and prove it.

-Dean Jones