American Foreign Policy: Post Obama (Debate Prelude)

Monday evening, 22 October from 2000-2130 CST, will be the closing act in a series of theatrical performances most American’s refer to as debates. This performance will be hosted by CBS’s Bob Schieffer. We will see if he gets best supporting actor for Obama or if plays the part of an extra? I wanted to highlight a few issues that I hope are discussed this evening. As you very well know, the focus of tonight’s debate is foreign policy.

The first and most important is the small-arms tracking debacle that has been named “Fast and Furious”. This was rightfully brought up by Romney during their last debate, but Ms. Crowley did a typical job and distracted the President with a new question; instead of asking him to follow up with an answer he would not have been able to defend.

The most unfortunate thing is that it takes a Mexican-based news organization to uncover an American-lead operation. Why? Well we are left to guess and my guess is the American media are protecting the Obama Administration as best they can. The facts are clear – a gross incompetence and a lack of spine to stand up to your failures. Bunch of adult-children in my mind, this failure of leadership did cost both American and Mexican lives.

The second topic would have to be Libya and horrible excuses that the Obama Administration has used to cover another failure of constitutional responsibilities. The recent battle between the Obama Administration and the Intelligence Community is the clearest indication of no leadership in positions that require it. The bottom line is that the Intelligence Community has no respect for the Administration because they see how they operate if there are political points to be scored: blame and distance. The Administration has scolded those who stepped out of line – subsequently the Intelligence Community has caved to the abstract story the Administration has settled on and will try to defend. Again, here is a situation where leadership was only attempted after the event occurred that also resulted in American deaths.

A discussion on Foreign Policy would not be complete without bringing up China. There are numerous issues with the way China’s economy is calculated. It is also “amazing” that every quarter the GDP “growth” matches the economist’s predictions. The estimate for China during ’12 3Q was 7.4% growth and magically guess what the report was, 7.4%. That is just a coincidence, right, at least that is what we are suppose to believe? The cat is out of the bag on China and their manipulation of their economy. Romney has it right when he says they are cheating in the marketplace. Except that is coming ’round to bit the Chinese. Their artificial low currency also provides low-wages in China to their employees. We are beginning to see a resistance to this amongst the Chinese people – the nature extension that Capitalism is not just an economic system – it is a human nature extension – both social and economic. For China to keep a Capitalistic economy they will be forced to release the individual human freedom.

To brush up on everyone’s Tom Clancy; if China is the Dragon then who is the Bear? You guessed it – Russia. The Russian-reset has failed to provide the leadership and corporation required of two mutually-respecting countries. Russia views the United States as weak and vulnerable. We are witnessing the re-birth of a Soviet system. The “old guard” is puffing their chests again and rattling the saber. Mainly because our direction from President Obama was more flexibility after his election.

The final wrap up concerns the Middle East. The relationship between the United States and Israel has shown weakness. The Arab and Muslim countries have seen this weakness and have exploited it. The “Arab Spring” was an example of what not to have done. It is becoming clear that the emerging leadership of those countries are hostile and more radical than their legacy governance? Iran is the big brother every sibling looks up to in the area. Iran was the origin of American IED problems in Iraq. Iran and Russia have been arming Syria’s military forces to both attack Israel and their own revolting citizens. Egypt’s new government is beginning to form its allies based on their best interests. The lack of leadership in the area has made Egypt’s choice for them; they have chosen to fall in line with Iran.

It is not rocket science to see what the World’s opinion is of Obama. Our traditional allies are afraid of us and our historic adversaries feel there is more room for flexibility. It should be clear when Chavez, Castro, and Putin endorse and want Obama for another four years. I am sure that when Reagan was elected in 1980, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev would of rather had Jimmy Carter win re-election. History shows how that turned out for the Soviet Union. What will the World look like in 2016? Will we have the People’s Republic of Russia?

I want to leave you with a pictorial summary of my opinion of Obama’s foreign policy:

History proves that actions have always spoken louder than words. That is a fundamental truth – no matter that time and place in history. We do not have Romney’s actions to judge on Foreign Policy, but his words elude to solemn judgement.

I would advise to keep these topics in mind during this evening’s debate. Obama will be protected from answering any direct questions from Romney, but it isn’t because his Foreign Policy is working. It is because it can not be defended.