The Post-Industrial America

The epoch election of my generation has passed.  I would be dishonest not to mention my overall disappointment with America’s electorate.  I very rarely become emotionally attached to one single event outside the life of my family or friends, but I was emotionally vested in this election.  This election was over the spirit of traditional America; call it Classical America.  This election is different than the elections at the turn of the previous century where the work of the Socialist and Progressives were more covert and shadowed. This past week’s election was the most overt form of Progressive-ism Americans have ever seen.  The language and electoral tactics were never more openly broadcasted.  Previous generations of American were more keen to sense the dangers and highlight the abject contradictions that were disseminated by the Obama Campaign.  There can be little doubt how this was achieved; a lack-luster education system has eroded the intellectual bedrock secured the ideas of America from generation-to-generation.  I surveyed my opinions on the reasons and mechanisms to achieve our current educational vacuum in a previous post, Race to the Regular: Education in America.

I have titled this post the Post-Industrial America because the state of cultural “progression” has crossed the fulcrum on the scale of what ethic we reward in our society.  Merriam-Webster defines industry as the follow: 


1: diligence in an employment or pursuit; especially: steady or habitual effort

2a:  systematic labor especially for some useful purpose or the creation of something of value 

  b:  a department or branch of a craft, art, business, or manufacture; especially: one that employs a large personnel and capital especially in manufacturing

  c:  a distinct group of productive or profit-making enterprises <the banking industry>

  d:  manufacturing activity as a whole <the nation’s industry>

3:  work devoted to the study of a particular subject or author <the Shakespeare industry>  

Industrial America, which I define as the era before the birth of the modern liberal “Statist” – 1960’s to today.  This America is the America Norman Rockwell drew and Nat King Cole sung about.  America was not perfect as founded, never could of been.  There were compromises built into the documents that framed the ideals of America.  They were made in order to form a country worthy to stand the test of time.  These compromises were soon hashed out by later generations.  Most side-line detractors immediately go to the issue of race – it is the first line of defense for those unwilling to engage in an honest discussion.  The argument that the Founding Fathers were slave owners, in the sense they were racists, is preposterous.  If this were the case, show me in any primary source document written by the stewards of our country at the time of our founding that mentions classes of citizens or limitations of inalienable rights.  An honest and objective study of those documents would find no trace – there was an understanding that the natural course of human events would have to address the issues denying the true equality of man.  America success was never under-pinned by the exploitation of one individual at the reward of another.  America was the only system that allow for the existence of a “self-made” man and/or woman; just read Frederick Douglas.  Hard work was always rewarded with the ability and opportunity to move up within society to a better place, a place where an individual can seek their own happiness – if only for a moment.  No enlightened group of people were contracted or mandated to provide this to anyone or any class.  We have allowed the tenets of tribal socialism to take root in America and pervade all corners of our civilization slowly – but steadily.  Artfully these perversion are spun as choice, equality, or positive freedom.  By-in-large these are void of common morality.  America has lost its work ethic, We are no longer driven to pursue happiness – we are content with some third party defining and delivering our happiness to us.  We care little about who gave it to us or how it came about.  The macro-societal concerns are washed away by multi-culturalism, victimization, forced equality, and generic entitlement.  The perpetual scapegoat is always the mechanics of capitalism. 

Those who participate in the “old school” ethic are casted as suckers or gullible yuppies.  They are often tempted to void their ethic to belong to the “cool” club.  No need to pay my mortgage like I was contractual obligate to – the government has announced that the “evil” corporate bankers were exploiting me.  That contract is void and backed-up by the taxpayer – if the banks get their side of the contract they have no need for the equity that originated the deal.  This terrible precedent is foundationally dangerous, it sub-plants behavior that is incredibly difficult to change and return to moral bearings.  This precedent creates the selfish, self-centered, entitled mentality that exists systematically throughout an individual’s existence.  It is re-enforced in our culture through “sharing” in grade school, no-score sports, fairness, and other anti-competition activities.  There is no doubt that compassion and charity to others should be a pinnacle of a child’s up-bringing, but the blind ignorance of reality only sets people up for failure fairy-tale existences.  The world is not fair and not everyone will succeed without hardship, simple because we are each unique with different aspirations and dreams.  These are tenets we should be raising our children to – reality.  If equality is sought – it can only be achieved by forced compliance at the behest of liberty and freedom.  The single purpose of the education system is, along with the integration of parenting, to mold and shape successful adults who are mature and good stewards of history to prevent future failed returns to the past.  The fate of our country is already laid if we are unwilling to face the fact that emerging generations are not skilled to forge new ground.  They will trend right into proven failure(s) because they know no better – no political campaign will have the gravity to pull away from this.  Logic and reason fail when our citizens are not taught to think and reason for themselves – they are willing to submit their thoughts to an expert or a news anchor, instead internally vet them.

This most recently election is the clearest example of a popularity President.  Obama ran based on division, envy, greed, and revenge.  He had statistical data to validate his claims and their affectivity – we have been educating people this way for at least 40 years.  There is no doubt, on the surface, they are attractive – they apply to the feral emotions every human has.  The division of Americans was left un-checked by our tyranny of the press, they have violated the public trust by pretending to objectively report facts and pose as un-biased.  American’s have increasingly short attentions spans, this is something utilitized and exploited by most community organizers.  The sound-bite campaigns favor those who have no tie to reality – in this case Obama and his liberals storytellers.  Recent campaigns for President have been popularity contests; the goal has become have as many events as you can hold to make as many promises as possible.  All the hand-outs and promises were made in 2008 and most were not met, no matter – just say them again and we will get swept up in the momentum and believe again.  The only issue with this approach is that the machine these programs and policies are built on, debt creation, will one day not be there.  The long-term for our leaders in the next financial quarter, not even the next fiscal year, the recent Senate does not even know what a budget looks like.  Our government and many corporations are so mis-managed it is a surprise we have not already defaulted as a nation.  Reality and truth still exist; they are hiding in the manufactured shadows of our culture and government.  The mechanism of society are going to have to correct – the harder we try to avoid our problems the more severe our correction will be.  Not even our artificially-divine government can assuage. 


I want begin to close with a thought on the myriad of pundits and their opinions on the status of the Republican Party.  I am not a die-in-the-wool Republican.  I support the party merely as the vehicle of political action.  The Republican Party does not truly have a problem with inclusivity – it has a communication problem.  The communication problem starts with the jaded schools and the indoctrination of dependent thinkers.  Naturally, any argument that lends the assumption of independent thinking will literally fall on deaf-ears.  The narrative needs to change.  My blunt opinions are to follow.  Capitalism needs to be emboldened and defended ardently.  Exposure of our fascist-capitalism system today needs to be better illustrated.  The false theory of money needs to be exposed and explained.  Economics needs to be taught again as a science of reason – not academic theory based on false assumptions of human nature.  The virtues of the pursuit of self interests needs to be taught over the corruptions of the pursuit of selfishness.  History needs to be objectified and taught from a Pro-America position.  The anti-colonial aspects need to be put in perspective with leadership of the time, Americans need to be taught to connect the dots.  Standards of education need to be raised and both outliers of statistical intelligence need special attention (the gifted and the slow).  The slow need to be held back and be told why; the gifted need to be pushed and challenged.  The human limits of the theory of evolution need to be taught – the tenets of evolution do not apply to humans in the way they apply to animals, unless you are to seek to produce feral humans.  The operations of all levels of government need to be taught, civics needs a re-birth.  Children and adults need to be taught that learning does not stop outside the classroom.  What is learned in the classroom is only the fundamental capacity to begin learning life and reality.  Critical thinking skills are the most dangerous form of intelligence to those who wish to control absolutely the activities of others.  Also children need to be taught that their heroes are the ordinary people around them (Mom, Dad, Pastor, Uncle, not Michael Jordan or Oprah).  Perhaps the most basic is the moral foundations of God need to be re-established as the focus on how to live a good life.  Examples of virtue need to be taught instead of examples of pop-culture on television.  Small-talk and local community needs to become the staple of human existence, not the benefits of global cooperation and social networking. 

These are long-term struggles that will be measured in terms of decades, not fiscal quarters.  These battles are worthy of a philosophical, moral, and cultural struggles.  I wish for the absolute best for each individual – the maximum potential of each person.  The ability to achieve your greatness lies within your own heart, not with some distance authority you wish to equalize the playing field for you.  We are no longer pursuing the path to a more perfect union.  We are limiting the basic human desire for liberty.  This Post-Industrial America is the establishment of generational tyranny and national suicide.  I leave you with a quote from Abraham Lincoln:

“Our defense is in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as a heritage of all men, in all lands, everywhere.  Destroy this spirit and you have planted the seeds of despotism around your own doors.”

Do you wish to keep this spirit alive?  Or will you allow this spirit to be destroyed?