The “Sequest” – inator


In two short days the vitality and integrity of the United States Federal Government will be irreparable damaged – or so the propaganda campaign from the “respectable” media outlets are unifying saying. It is comical to me to see how starkly the public sector is 180 degrees out of phase with reality. They are so out of touch that they pretend more than that govern or experience reality as we (the country class) see the world. The story-line in the news lately are not too far from the science fictional plot from the 1984 Blockbuster The Terminator; where Arnold Schwarzenegger further solidified Hollywood stature. In this story, as I sure many are aware, The Terminator was an artificially intelligent cyborg sent back in time to kill the mother to the future human resistance leader against the AI network – Skynet. The media has given itself the ability to create straw-men and draw upon loose analogies that draw on POPular Culture to promote fear, angst, and hysteria – I will take those same liberties. The word “Sequester” has been thrown around in articles and dialogues as this unstoppable machine. It is to be feared by everyone because if it is allowed to happen it will exterminate the government’s ability to turn the lights on to provide the vital function the “good” government needs to do in order to keep the people safe and our nation secure from all enemies foreign and domestic. Just like the Terminator sought to stop the origin of the future resistance; the Sequester seeks to destroy the present capacity for the Federal Leviathan to maintain a heartbeat – ergo I have renamed the Sequester the Sequest-inator.

The Sequest-inator originates from the Federal Budget Control Act of 2011. It introduces $1.2 Trillion dollars in spending reductions over a decade starting March 1, 2013. The lie is that these reductions are not cuts at all – they are only reductions in the rate of increase for the automatically growing federal government expenditures. These cuts are projected to take effect gradually. For instances; for 2013, the Sequest-inator cuts are $85 Billion. The 2013 Federal “Budget” Expenditures are expected to be $3.803 Trillion. The 2013 Federal “Budget” Revenues are expected to be $2.902 Trillion. That is a 2013 Budget Deficit of $0.901 Trillion or 23.6918% of Expenditures. The $85 Billion Sequest-inator cuts are 2.235% of 2013 Expenditures; a bar graph is shown below, taken from a graphic provided by the Coalition to REDUCE Spending. If all hell breaks loose when you are not allowed to spend 2.25% of your personal budget – do you throw a childish fit? I know adults that run businesses don’t – but we all know bureaucrats are nearly all adult-children. The national debt, as of 27 Feb 2013, stands at $16,623,513,717,306.81. The National Economic GDP is predicted to be $16.52206 Trillion. Already the Debt/GDP Ratio is 100.614% and we haven’t even reached the second quarter. The reason why our government is freaking out, like a five year old who didn’t get their allowance from Daddy, over a cut in the spending is because that is how we (they) pay the bills – by leveraging borrowed money. We keep the lights on with a credit card. We have added roughly a TRILLION DOLLARS to the debt every year Obama has been President. Adults who run businesses don’t leverage their expenditures 23.6% more than what they take it – IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

2013 Federal Spending Sequest-inator Impacts (2.235%).

As I said above, the Sequest-inator cuts are set to take place over a decade – from March 2013 to March 2023. The rate of increase in the Federal Expenditures between 2013 and 2023 decreases by 4% (72% to 68%). Spending still increases 68% over the next ten years – ergo the 2023 Federal Expenditures is expected to be $6.38904 Trillion. Money sure is TIGHT – how can we seriously have a conversation about these numbers – it is Monopoly Money! The figure below is taken from a Mercatus Center article written by Veronique de Rugy on the Effects of Sequestration on Federal Spending.

Federal Sequest-inator Impacts (2013 to 2023).

To fall in line with mantra of other dictatorial leadership – there is no independent free press. That hampers all of the progress forward that can be made if the public was just feed folly and feel good rethoric whilst their deeds are opposite. Of course, that is the exact definition of a hypocrite; but if you dare call that out – you are called a hypocrite – fancy propaganda there. Again – children running amok with Statesmen power. Recently, “legendary” journalist Bob Woodard was made to feel “very uncomfortable” by communication he receive from a senior White House official, see article containing video below.

It should be real clear who the true bully is in this relationship – “The State”. It manifests itself in many forms over the history of the world, but every time it gather so much power and has to turn itself onto its own people. It only looks out for its best interests – even as it is crystal clear that the USofA’s interests are severely damage through massive debts and debt liquidation (money printing). Any opposition to “The State” is met with brutality, coercion, intimidation, investigation, show-trials, and isolation. This is nothing new – it is, and has been, in all of our history books in school – we have just chosen to “collectively” ignore our duties as citizens of a republic to prevent its reoccurrence. Both Parties refuse to solve anything – they are in the business of drama – it is what feeds the cable news era. Leadership has been replaced by lip service. The one thing we can be sure will happen is, as The Terminator coined, the Government “Will Be Back” – with another crisis! And remember who’s idea this was in the first place – The Executive Branch – i.e. The President.