State of {Dis}-Union

Tonight we all have the privilege to see a facet of the Constitution that, in recent times, has merely served as a campaign speech. Article II, Section 3 of the United States Constitution states “He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union …”. So what is the state of our union?  After all, President Obama has been hailed by nearly every network news anchor as the “Great Unifer” among other Divine terms. Has he united us? Does he reach across the aisle and seek the fertile soul of “common ground”? If you are a “low information” voter you would believe all of the above – because your life is too busy to cut through the maze and minefield that is bureaucratic civics today.  Life has been constructed and architected in such a way around you that you, the individual, require experts and sometime panel(s) of experts to sort things out for you.  Your role is to absorb the sound bites and vote accordingly to preserve the farce that is our republican form of government.  The appearance of self-control is all that matters.

Truth be told, our current form of government is a democracy.  The esteemed French philosopher Montesquieu formed a great proportional relationship.  The natural movement of any society is the following progression: Republic to Democracy to Despotism. He concludes this is true because virtue inside the individual is inversely proportional to governmental power.  The absence of that virtue is  taken up by the suffocating power of the State to keep order and maintain the “law”. It has also been shrewdly observed by other philosophers and statesman that the more despotic or powerful a government becomes the less meaningful elections are. Our society is trending that way; has anyone wondered that the policies of President Bush and Obama seem to trend the same – almost within perfect continuity? Why is that? Could it perhaps be that fact the vote of the Populous matters little to the laws and regulations that return with that vote.  So is true with about the rest of the Constitutional tenets (checks and balances, separations of powers, etc.). The State of the Union is more the State of Disillusion/DisUnion.

A viewer of this evenings speech should expect rhetoric elevated to the highest of unobtainable magical levels.  It is a feel good speech, many of his are, after all a good Despot never stops campaigning. It will be a hypocritical speech; full of words he makes claims to have done contrasted with deeds he has done the opposite. Those deeds that anyone is scorned and persecuted for challenging – the results are never to be challenged.  It is the courage to dream of Utopia that should be praised.  The world of Neverland is where Washington lives, certainly where the Executive Branch reigns.  In that world we are the infinitely grateful serfs and Obama is King or as Chris Rock said so eloquently “Daddy”. At the conclusion of Obama’s speech: the clouds will open and we will all drink clean water, breathe clean air, receive elite healthcare,  have every needs cared for, cure every illness, complete the Unified Theory, and peacefully coexist with self-declared enemies of the West and their nuclear ambitious in a nuclear free world.

Our esprit de corps will have never been higher. The self-evident truths of our Constitution will been fulfilled. We will wake up tomorrow morning and have our work done for us, we can relax and enjoy our accomplishments. Our Utopian bubble will only be popped by the depressing and divisive Conservatives that seek to take over the sensible and moderate Republican Party.  When your purest of dreams do not come true, when your entitlement does not make you happy, when your world peace falls on its face; who is to blame but those who spoke, wrote, and believe in the real world. Those who believe, as the Founding Fathers believe, in the fundamental self-evident, fixed, tenets of human nature.  Those who seek to preserve the pinnacle of American greatness – the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as intended. Those who do not look to Barack Obama, but look to Marco Rubio et al. to allow individual sovereignty to once again be reaffirmed.

Not our Savior, but our Civic Leader.