Scientific Objectivity, Moral Depravity, & The Fiscal Cliff Farce

I have memories of purely academic economic courses where the study surrounded governing policies to understand the “market forces”, “the invisible hand” argument of Adam Smith, and yes even the “downward spiral” of Keynes.  The application of macroeconomics verses microeconomics:  The study of opportunity costs and the balance between fiscal and monetary policies.  Sadly, it appears none of the above tenets are seriously being discussed, certainly some of the words are invoked shallowly, as part of this year-end government train-wreck.

The remainder of this post will simple be a free expression of my thought process and how I see things.  I have chosen to remove the normal sources I include in my arguments – I will clearly state this to be an opinion piece.  That said, it disgusts me that we are tolerating such malfeasance from our representation.  I am not disgusted by the representatives, I am disgusted by the representees; us.  We The People have been herded like cattle into our industrial feed-lots to fatten up for the proverbial “tax slaughter”.  We are surrounded by political contradiction and hypocrisy.  The appearance of leadership and the illusion of compromise is all that passes for today’s Federal Governmental Departments.  Hearings, meetings, debates, press conferences, media interviews, talk shows, and/or press releases are mere instruments of this illusion.  There are enough avenues to talk about “plans” and “bills” to never leave time to work towards any solutions.  The truth is replaced with perception.  Perception is propaganda.  Propaganda is truth; if spoken and repeated enough, as expounded by the following quote.

“The people will believe what the media tells them they believe” – George Orwell.

The leadership and management of our country has devolved into a puppet show.  The illusion that our government organizes itself around a Constitutional framework is a farce – it only does when convenient.  The looping cable news is only a catalyst to this OCD to media drama.  It is no longer fact reporting – it is suspense building entertainment.  The “bright and shiny” presentation of fiction and “smoke and mirrors” prisms of propaganda.  No meaningful time is spent being a statesmen and distilling our problems down to solutions.  Job security and power protection trump solving the problems of today’s society whilst manufacturing purported problems to pose as the most important issues of the day has become the standard.  Why fix the problem when we can “kick the can down the road” for my six-term Senate tenure.  Virtue has been replaced by the “will to power” made possible by the removal of the checks and balances among the Federal Branches and Federalism purported by the non-existent tenth amendment to the United States Constitution.  Construction of a “crisis” is the new plot of the old Greek tragedy.  The most recent endeavor by our officials is the “fiscal cliff” and the nail-biting negotiations that perpetuate the supposed diametrically opposed political philosophies.

My observations are unique; my study of current fiscal emergency has brought me to a different conclusion.  I wish to explore a conceptual thought process for a moment, please bear with me, I will return to the edge of “fiscal cliff” momentarily.  The Constitutional consent of the governed has long been replaced by the “ruling class”‘s scientific objectivity   By this I mean analytical scientific methods have been applied to the governance of individual humans, as we exist in society.  Those analytical methods are derived and iterated on by credentialed panels of experts.  In short, the panels of experts know better the optimal fine-tuning of your life choices – both right and wrong, not enough and too much, etc.  These abject panels of experts are nothing more than the permanent bureaucracy instituted by the emerging Progressive Era thinkers.  They are not elected they are not accountable and for the most part their identities are unknown.  They are however the source of our regulations and bureaucratic decrees.  The Legislative Branch does not write the primary laws anymore; they have contracted that out to the special interests.  Contrary to public propaganda, the Democratic Party and the Establishment are the proponents of big business and special interest lobbies (big banks, big unions, big pharmaceuticals, big education, big industry at large).  The Democratic Party is not about the prosperity of the individual.  They seek to exploit the minority (race, gender, sexuality, religion); essentially anything they can use to divide and conquer.  The goal of the Democratic Party is to discretize the American populous into as many victim groups as possible and lobby for their direct “true” freedoms.  This is the root of power.  As I stated above, their methods revolve around the use of algorithms and analytic models housed by scientific methods.  The primary founder of evolutionary government was our 28th President Woodrow Wilson, here he is quoted:

“We are facing the necessity of fitting a new social organization, as we did once fit the old organization, to the happiness and prosperity of the great body of citizens; for we are conscious that the new order of society has not been made to fit and provide the conveniences or prosperity of the average man.  The life of the nation has grown infinitely varied … that a new nation seems to have been created which the old formulas do not fit or afford a vital interpretation of” – Woodrow Wilson (The New Freedom).

As a student of science myself, I understand the applicable of the scientific method and their models, but also the limitations of any given assumption(s) utilized.  For instance, the Newtonian laws of motion are precise in their prediction of inanimate, uniform, point masses of macroscopic size subjected to gravitational forces.  However, their assumptions fail to accurately predict the motion of objects both incredible big (celestial mechanics using General Relativity) and incredible small (quantum mechanics using Planck’s Law).  The point here is to assert that without the proper bounds on assumptions; the results are invalid, misleading, unrealistic, and potentially damaging to any applications thereof.  The self-evident truth is that people are not inanimate, uniform, or arbitrary statistical data points.  The reliable prediction of such a complex object as a human generates too many variables to account for.  Assumption must replace these variables.  As such you retard the applicability of your results the more assumptions you use, they are inversely proportional.  This reasoning begets the notion of “unintended consequences”; this is the reality that you can not plan for the near-infinite permutations of civic commerce and society.  A reasoned individual would withhold application of such policies knowing the invalidity of their merits and methods of construction.  This was the mores of the American Founding – reasoned application of government and reverence to individual sovereignty.

This is where I would like to introduce the divergence of virtue and growth of moral depravity.  The elite totalitarian bureaucracy arrogantly, while at the same time ignorantly, state they can dictate societal Utopia by issuing micro-management regulation of individuals and their life choices.  The abuse of the public trust and altering of behavior is despicable.  The defiant use of these scientific methods are apparent in their dialect when they claim they just did not have the knowledge or the technological expertise was not what it is now – so we must revised and improve upon our models – “the public mandates us to do so”.  The truth is they never will without absolute conformity.  Moreover, approximately from 1900 – 1970 these models were refined and the iterations were exhaustive.  The conclusion was that a new school of thought needed to be introduced.  Instead of refining the variables, they just needed to eliminate the variables, change the inputs, and simplify the model.  This was done through the implementation of the Department of Education and a standard, uniform, and contorting educational curriculum that removes the creative, unique, and critical thinking capabilities innate in each individual – reformat the hard drive so to speak.  This creates the ability to shape and control public opinion by removing the God-given character traits unique and infinite within an individual.  Now our objective scientific methods can control people along with abstract point-masses – brilliant.  This of course can never be applied in the clean, abstract, and specific academic proposal in which it is always presented.  These proposals are always pitched as “providing more services, to more people, and will cost less” – “all because our models have become more efficient” – “we have just made the process more fair” – etc.  – only low information citizens would accept the face value of such a crock.  Unfortunately, that is what we have a majority of in this country, most recently expressed by the returns of this November’s elections.  The fundamental biological nature of humans has not changed over the generations.  The instinctual qualities along with cognitive reason, that constitute our natural law, have not changed or have evolved with time.  Darwin does not apply to humans; the evolutionary theory of Darwin has been used to incorrectly attempt to explain and control human behavior.  History has proven that the only an unsustainable attempt to predict and control human behavior exists through despotic and tyrannical rule by fiat and dictate.  These attempts are not rooted in the fundamental self-evident natural law of human nature, so natural forces erode these attempts vitality.  The Statist’s desired is to retain and advance authority and control – the “progression” is to clamp down harder and rule more despotically until the society turn anarchical through upheaval.  It should not be a surprise that each attempt has failed – along with these attempts go the sacrifice of countless people as the “means” to the Utopic “ends”.  Why?  Are we not intelligent enough to see this?  Have we not learned?  Do we not have historical continuity?  The answer is we would if we were allowed to use our God-given natural talents of logic, reasoning, and instincts with retardation.

The founding of the unique American Ideals, embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are rooted in something all together different.  The pursuit of a more perfect union was an attempt to achieve the closest representation of everything virtuous about mankind and organized to pit nearly all the vices of mankind against themselves.  The fundamental misunderstanding of human nature and the blind lust for autocratic power is the “fatal conceit” of Radical Egalitarianism.  The applications of incorrect formulas of government are no different than the use of incorrect formulas in mathematics or engineering.  You would be considered insane to expect a reasonable answer from an unreasonable equation know the equation was invalid – but this has been the “Pursuit of Progressivism” for the past 120 years or better.  It is a shame we do not have the sense and the humility to understand our repeated errors – this occurs because we fail to understand history – those in power just rewrite it so as to have a future reapplication of failed ideology with a new package.  Unfortunately fictional packaging is more attractive than nonfictional static truths.

Returning to the fiscal cliff discussion, in hopes to provide some prespective; the “talks” should of happened this Spring at the latest if our government was serious – not a week before Christmas – true leadership and maturity would of displayed the proper respect for such discussion.  These actions prove the merit they place on such issues and that is deplorable – not worthy of anyone’s representation in my mind.  Certainly there are good men and women in government, but the Body Politic is maligned to the public’s trust and stewardship.  I will attempt distill to arguments down to their essence.  Tax will go up for everyone.  Below is a list of those tax hikes for just 13 alone:

  • Expiration of Bush-Era tax rates:  $156 Billion
  • Payroll tax holiday:  $125 Billion
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) fix:  $88 Billion
  • Business expensing:  $48 Billion
  • Tax extender:  $40 Billion
  • Stimulus:  $11 Billion
  • Obamacare taxes:  $36 Billion
  • Estate tax increase:  $10 Billion

Source:  Tax Foundation, CBO, Joint Committee on Taxation, Office of Management and Budget.

This accumulates to $514 Billion in new or expiring tax revenues for 13.  That is roughly 40% of the tax revenues require to balance the 13 budget…so how is that sustainable?  No elected official or permanent bureaucrat will speak of an actual net cut in spending.  Our national debt is utterly astounding … the moral depravity passed off as true irresponsible compassion is disgusting.  The answer is that is not the goal.  If it was there would be both, but there will only be talk of “future” cuts.  Reagan got bit by that bug.  Nothing suggests Obama has any interest in sacrificing his ideology – he won popular opinion.  You are simply ignorant if you believe different.

National Debt as of 18 Dec 2012 @ 06:15:22 PM GMT

We have created such dependency upon the Federal feeding troth; the reality is that our currency is close to becoming worthless.  The spending machine will soon run out of fuel and the source of this fuel is the taxpayers of this country.  The fulcrum has shifted during this most recently elections, the majority faction of tax-consumers will democratically perpetuate pursuit of higher taxes on those paying taxes, the minority.  Any increase is never enough – you give an inch they will take a mile – rings true.  That is a facet of human nature – if it is free and of little cost to those who have no pride or moral bearing – they will take and what more next time.  It is mob rule – a national community organization – radical egalitarianism of the most current form.

You may be intrigued by the “fiscal cliff” talks, but I am irritated and disgusted.  They are not worthy of the national attention given.  They have been timed in such a way to promote emotional reactions, not reasoned responsible debate.  Haste makes waste – another facet of human nature.  But that is another problem to fix down the road … isn’t it.  The ugly truth is that we are running out of road to kick our can down.

As taxes go up, jobs with go down.  Unemployment will go up – along with dependency.  Recession drama will ensure.  All the while solutions exist to prevent all of this. This past election was about the choice to take the steps necessary to arrest our decay and begin to “reaffirm our civic” virtues.  Return our society to what made us the greatest country given to its citizens.  Our government, however, is designed to be a pure representation of our citizenry and their wants and desires. However right or wrong …

Alas, I wish to close out our first year of writings with a joyous wish of a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  God Bless and I hope to continue to provide thoughtful debate and provoking discussion in the future.