Ideas 1: Distractions 0 – And Counting…

This evening is the first and only Vice Presidential Debate, held at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky from 2000-2130 (CST).  There is much hype about this debate, even more than usual.  The main reason is the firestorm of news commentary fog falling out from the first Presidential Debate.  A result that I was not at all surprised to witness, a scene where every participant did their part.  Obama showed up and performed the way he would under any circumstance – fog of excuses aside.  Romney showed up and performed at the level that is in his nature – he is a leader and leaders shine through and naturally command the situation.  Jim Lehrer also show up and performed precisely how every debate moderator should – not attempt to protect one candidate over the other.  This spectacle will be attempted to not be repeated.  Moderators have been put on notice – marching orders are given – protect the incumbents from the bullies! If they are beating them up on the issues that they are dumb-headed on – save them.  And never let the R’s get the last word on an issue.

The debate between Congressman Ryan and Vice President Biden has every opportunity to become an even bigger calamity for the Storyteller-In-Chief and the Administration’s Press.  If Biden were smart, and that is a questionable trait, he would shy away from trying to use numbers to prove his point.  Obama failed at that the last time – regurgitating numbers and percentages haphazardly in a sentence of typical Obama fashion – circular logic – did not work. Congressman Ryan is one of the few politicians left in Washington that can actually do arithmetic, in lieu of just talking about using it.  As such, I predict the budget and Obamacare will be glossed over – to not play into Ryan’s hand.  Since this debate is slated to cover both domestic and foreign policy – I imagine they will try and focus questions around foreign policy.  Biden is assumed to have an advantage in this realm.  The recent debacle that has unfolded in Libya and Obama’s Foreign Policy has a whole should be low-hanging fruit for Ryan.  He should exploit the cover-up that is taking place to save the administration’s face on this blunder.  The truth of the matter is that Biden has no advantage in any aspect of this debate.  That being said, the real tragedy is that the Americans who lost their lives in Libya are having their honor denigrated for strictly political reasons – mainly because they have no honor themselves to show to others, their existence is dependent upon political exploitation.  The scandal that I believe is about to be exposed over the Libyan terrorist attack cover-up is reprehensible.

It is clear that the Obama Campaign is very nervous about tonight’s performance for Biden, he has been reported to of taken six days off campaigning to be ready.  Sounds like he is trying to cram for a test to me – that never worked out in my favor.  Of course Ryan is also rigorously preparing as well – his notorious fine tuned planning as not changed.  My experience with Joe Biden is that he has the esteemed ability to talk but never address the problem/question – again the circular logic – a kill with confusion, if you will.  To them that is a victory.  Their hope is that you give up and do not pay attention to false assumptions and premises they used to convince themselves they are right – I call it the ADD trick.

The incumbents (both of them) have the fortunes of having the ability to be very “liberal” with their facts.  If the shoe is on the other foot; then well he is just lying.  The truth is both sides are stretching the facts – that is what a debate encourages.  The Democrats and their Statist Media only get up in arms when the opposition beats them at their own game.  The truth is that a debate medium is a realm for conceptual discussion and talking points.  The request from the President for Romney to discuss the specifics was a desperate ploy to make Romney sound as confused as he was.  The President has been vague for the last 3.5+ years, for a very specific reason.  He would not have a prayer of re-election if he articulated what his policies are actually doing.  His transformation of America has to be behind the fog of confusion created by the media and propagandists.  His administration claimed to be transparent – only to get elected.  The reality is that his administration has been the most opaque in recent memory.  Even C-SPAN was waiting for the broadcasts that never came along with the public disclosure of bills before voting sessions began.  Each of these were flat-out lies once they knew they were going to have a tougher time pushing their transformative agenda.  So I urge viewers of tonight’s debate to be mindful that they are willing to make any claim and promise you can imagine.  Make something sound so good or cast others to be worse than they are.  They are relying on you not being capable of separating the words from the world.  There is no honor in their discourse – there is no level beneath them to achieve their ends.  The Utopic argument gives them the freedom to promise the world to everyone – or at least their “fair” share of it.  It is in your best interest to perhaps take notes on both sides and investigate for yourself!!

The other, more mature, side of the discussion is constrained by the laws of nature and the real world – I know it is boring and makes for a dull story.  After all, some have the opinion that politics is just another form of entertainment – well if that is the case you already have been lost.  All the stories discussing the “level of discourse” in American politics only have one goal in mind – to discourage your fruitful participation.  The level of discourse has been drawn down by the very people who are critical of it.  I am reminded of a grade school phrase; whoever smelt it – dealt it.  This phrase applies here and in many other arenas of adult life.  Unfortunately there is an increasing number of us who do not mature past this point – yet still engage in the discourse necessary for the continuation of our Republic.  My aim is to raise the level of discourse here (blog) and outward – there are certainly others attempting to do the same noble task.

The issue the Statist have with engaging is this level of discourse is that you start to talk about ideas.  Ideas are based on a philosophy and their philosophy is radically different than the traditional American philosophy.  They wish to transform this philosophy without have to discuss it publicly.  If a debate were held on ideas along – there would be no competition – you would see precisely what unfolded during the first Presidential Debate – every time.  This was no rare exception – it is the rule – they simply do not like it.  Congressman Ryan is an ideas man – that is what drives him – the same for Romney.  Biden and Obama have to preface their arguments with subjection – distract first, then make another false-true statement, then close with a “I think we all can agree that …”.  The true problem with the discourse is that they are capable of getting away with it – almost institutionally.

American desperately needs to have thoughtful discussion on ideas.  That discourse scares the hell out of the Establishment (both sides of the aisle).  This discussion is what America was founded upon – ideas – not doctrine or policy.  We are being lead to assume that ideas only confuse – they are wrong – they clarify.  They provide bearing.  They prove values.  They project vision.  Ideas are what the United States of America grew around to become the greatest country ever founded.  This blog and other places discuss these ideas.  The generation after we stop discussing ideas is when we let us slip away into despotism.

As always, I would like your thoughts …