Operation Prevent The Vote !!!

A broad brush pass over the news today would leave most cross-eyed and confused based on the numerous polls about who is in the lead where and in what small sect of the population.  Many might think Romney is losing it all and Obama is running away with it.  This, of course, is another example of a well orchestrated story authored by Obama’s subjects.  The business of polling in this election, especially, has become an absolute joke.  It has become a complete art and nothing to do with science.  The mechanisms of statistics are being violated daily by utterly dishonest pollsters.  Can we be honest – do you think it is circumstantial that Obama margin in each of the specific polls are damn close to the margin that the poll over samples Democrats? How could that be? Why would that be? I will explain that in a moment.

Our previous blog post in one way or another have been trying to illustrate, in a plethora of different ways, that there is systematic corruption across not only our electoral process but our government.  For those of you who do not see the bias now – I do not know what else can happen to make you aware – will them bluntly tell you they are in the can for Obama and every other Statist make you change your perception? Are you a member of the illustrious 47%? Valid question if you ask me? I will tell you precisely what the press is hoping for; they are hoping that you do not look deeper than surface level on these poll news reports. After all you are encouraged bythe same media to pay more attention to the latest Fall Television program or the latest blockbuster movie to go see.  Certainly the NFL referee debacle is the most important issue of the day.  The entire Entertainment Industry is utilized, as a gigantic distraction, to prevent you from applying your cognitive brain power to think for yourself.  I will be the first to say that a majority of American have their priority completely backwards.  We are bred not to care about politics – politics, by design, have been contorted to disgust people.  To turn you off … it is much easier to sit down and watch ESPN’s Sportscenter, Bravo’s Top Chef, ABC’s (?) Modern Family, etc. and turn off your brain.  The more you think those wastes of time are what life is about – the better those who want to control what life you have left are. Make no mistake, there has been a mission launched to control your mind for a long time – it has been called the Progressive Era – I call it the Regressive Era.  Very little in the modern world happens by accident, if you stop and think you will see.  I do not want people to misunderstand me, I pay attention to portions of the entertainment industry from time to time.  However, those are not the most important aspects of my life.  They are not what I look forward to in my life.  I do not plan my schedule around Television shows or sporting events.  I certainly place my civic duty, as a United States citizen, above all that.  Just stop and think – why do we pay so little attention to the management of our own country? Our government was never to be solely entrusted to just a select few (535 Legislators, 1 President, 9 Judges) – just a mere ten-thousandth of a percent of our population. That is an oligarchy!

Alright, back to Project Prevent the Vote! I will ask a very simple question – why would a poll over-sample Democrats? Inherently a poll should reflect public opinion – meaning equal spread of each perspective – in this case Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.  If those were held equal then you would understand the numbers without question.  That just makes sense.  This clearly is not that case in the real world – a world of media bias towards Statists people and positions.  There is a brilliant article written by Dean Chambers from the examiner.com.  The article essentially normalized the false polls to the distribution of party identification in this country.  When this is done – Romney takes a 50 to 43 lead, on average! This un-skewing of the polls can be validated by visiting http://unskewedpolls.com/.  Let us break the numbers down a little by looking at the over-sampling margin versus the claimed margin Obama has in every battleground state – see today’s poll sample [list below].

Democrat Over-Sample Margin
Obama Lead
12 % (R)
7 %
19.2 % (R), 20% (I)
5 %
7 % (R)
5 %
Monmouth Univ.
6 % (R)
7 %
-4.3 % (R)
-11 %
NY Times/CBS News
4 % (R)
3 %
Democracy Corps
11% (R)
5 %
Fox News
8 % (R)
5 %
Wash. Post/ABC News
12 % (R)
1 %
5 % (R), 25 % (I)
6 %
5 % (R), 6 % (I)
2 %
4 % (R), 10 % (I)
3 %

The timing of the drastic shift in polling opinion is not an accident either.  Guess what has started this week? Early and absentee voting! Wow, that is just a crazy coincidence that Obama is starting to pull away in the polls as certain voters are to cast their vote.  I really wish I was lying to you when I say that there are people out there whom do not deserve to be paid for the piss-poor “job” they are doing.  Their objective is not objectionable – it is persuasion as its most evil – sold as fact! The incredible dishonesty that exist in the media should be a disgrace to the profession that once stood for independent journalism.  I have for some time believe this but will make it clearly know right now; I consider the media (some radio, TV, print, web) to be apart of the entertainment industry.  They are a joke!! Sane, intelligent, independent people from all walks of life should openly laugh at their attempts to shape opinion. Allas, the only reason they are able to get away with it is because our society has generational-ly (as an aggregate) been retarded – there is no other real way to say it – I have to start being honest! I provided some justification for this in earlier posts – Race to Regular: Education in America and Maturity: A Time Independent Frame of Reference.

So now that I have bored, those of you who have short attention spans, to death – the take away from this article should be – if the election where held today – Romney would win in a landslide!!  It would not even be close – I would estimate a 57% to 43% victory – that is if it were held today.  After all I could create my own poll – just like the media does to influence opinion.  If I asked likely voters on a 2:1 ratio who are Republican – what do you think the results would be? If I did I bet the results of the poll would be 72% to 28% – amazing – Romney is going to win for sure!!  My hope is that as the debates unfold – Romney/Ryan expose the raw ineptitude of Obama/Biden on a national stand, the margin of victory will improve.  That would be a bit of a stretch in today’s America – but a guy can have a dream -right?  After all, my dreams surround the United States of America regaining its Founding heritage and reaffirming the civil society that has been eroded through tyranny and Utopic persuasion.  If that were to happen, then people would understand the true implications of the Declaration of Independence and re-establish the confidence and compassion in American values.  The World would be a much better place – World Peace would be much more attainable.

I know one thing for certain – I will not be deterred from voting on 6 Nov – and neither should you – hell no.  It is time for our voices to be heard and our principles to be re-applied.  It will not be easy – it has taken 120 years of mal-education and Utopic persuasion to get us to this point.  It will take the rest of my life to get us back to a system of government that allows the free expression of human potential.  It is something that I believe so passionately for that I would sacrifice my life, if necessary, to give my children and countless others the freedoms and liberties that were bought and paid for before me.  I do not ask for you to give that much; I only ask that you wake up and become wiser to the world.  I know that is all that is needed to keep our Republic.