Storyteller in Chief (Part II of III)

The wake of the Arab riots in the Mid-East has caused more turbulence in the water than any President would like to see before an election.  These circumstances are unique in that the scope and severity are directly related to calculated foreign policy maneuvers.  I am going to diverge off topic for a bit – stay with me – I will not lose focus.  As I have said before – I consider myself a keen judge of character.  I pay attention to detail and  have a good set of critical thinking skills.  With this, I have an increasing less common ability to seam together events over time.  This is because I do not pay attention to mainstream culture – I dabble in it, but I am not immersed in it. I navigate from my own compass.

Our last post was the first in a series of posts that will discus the nature of Obama’s rhetoric – one of a storyteller rather than a leader.  I tend to agree with this line of thinking – American’s today would rather be entertained than enlightened.  This week I read, in the comment section of an article, something that resonated with me.  I am paraphrasing but it essentially said Obama is merely the symptom of the 53% of us who voted for him – those of whom are the disease. We would rather be fed the junk food than the porterhouse on life’s menu.  Those who can critically think can see this in the way Obama and his administration orate and present their arguments – surface level.  The press and media carry these positions in varying degree to one another.  The current administration is not the only entity to blame – he has just been the most flagrant about it.  During his 2008 campaign, Obama was very clear he wanted to “fundamentally change(ing) the United States of America” [See Video Below].

I unfortunately understood exactly what he meant when he said it.  He was talking about changing the heritage of this country and devolving ourselves from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – to establish a Progressive form of governance.  Obama rejects the principle of our founding documents – as they are intended to be limitations to government intrusion.  His transformation puts the State front and center in everyone’s life.  His transformation requires the sovereign individual to give more of their liberty to the common public good – so we all can have a fair shot and move forward together.  That sounds great and that is why he won in 2008.  Utopianism is a very attractive theory.  It allows for everyone to assume that each has exactly their need (a difference happiness). It projects that everyone has no more than any other and removes the desire for anyone to ever want to obtain any more than another.  That is a good fiction novel there. The real result is that we are all stuck moving together because Obama’s idea of society is about redistribution and shared sacrifice.  There is a big problem with the syntax of Obama’s Matrix code – it divides by zero.  Utopia is undefinable.  It is impossible to achieve because humans are the ones trying to achieve it! We are flawed and no matter how many degrees (titles, certificates, badges, merits, awards, prizes, patches) an expert has or how many uber-experts you put on a panel – guess what? – in toto it still is a human panel.  Predictions can not be made to cover all the unknown and have a system that is all encompassing to have the dynamic capability to manage 300,000,000+ individuals.  It is extraordinary that we think ourselves powerful enough to risk the livelihoods of real people (not an academic treatise) to do it – but it keeps getting tried over and over.  It also ends the same – failure. Some would call that insane – I know Einstein would and so would I.

The big story Obama is telling now is that no one could have recovered this economy – it was that bad.  Only the simple fool would believe that.  Do not get me wrong it was bad – I lost my job over it – that ended up being the best thing that happened to me.  However, it was no worse than the terrible mess that was left to Reagan when he took over in 1981.  It should be noted he did all his complaining about the economy on the campaign and got to work thereafter.  He did not use Carter as a scapegoat for flawed policies like Obama has used Bush for.  We all know what Reagan did set the United States up for roughly 20 years of sustained growth.  It is pure immaturity to stoop to that level and it is insulting that he expects us to accept his false premises as fact.  Well – here I am back on track.  He is so bold because he knows now almost a majority of United States citizens are too ignorant to reveal the truth to themselves.  They would rather watch Monday Night Football and ESPN the other six days.  Others refuse to vote because they are fed up with the process – chalk that one up in the win column for Obama too.  Others think their vote is so important that they call themselves Independents!  Truth of the matter there is, independents are the most confused of all.  If you have to be persuaded on every issue – you are likely going to fall for the better story.  Obama can tell a fictional story better than anyone – so guess who wins there too.

The most stellar story lately that the President has been pathologically lying about is the origins of the United States Embassy attacks across the Mid-East.  He and the media think if you hear it 20 times you (Drone #: Social Security XXX-XX-XXXX) will be convinced it is true that the origins of the attacks are from an American YouTube video released in July – nothing to do with September 11th! That is pretty bold and disgusting to disgrace those who died 11 years ago by not being honest to the American people about the truth in the attack – there was no evidence that it had to do with the video clip.  That “evidence” was manufactured artificially. Crowds chanting “We are all Osama – Obama” would of lead me directly to the video clip too – psssh! It is also interesting that the original apology to the Muslim world from the US Embassy in Cairo was pulled down – must be a stray electron somewhere fouling up my connection to their website?  Certainly they would not be covering any tracks! Good thing the internet is a prolific copier [see image and highlighted quote below]; another thing they would like to fix.

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

Unlike other countries – the United States has a few protections built in for its citizens.  The First Amendment happens to be an important one.  It is a shame our current Presidential administration refused to afford that defense to another American citizen without first apologizing – because it seems that worked great.  There should be no apology necessary here – there were no laws violated.  But we live in a ohhh-so touchy emotionally-driven feel-good world.  You can not say anything that offends anyone – they are too weak and immature to defend themselves, especially the Muslims (they are so sensitive).  Same applies to everything in our society – blame everything and everyone for a crime – except the individual who committed it – everyone is a victim!  Perhaps we should become aware at how intolerant the Muslims are to religious opinions.  If the same person would of replaced Muhammad for Jesus Christ – our society would of given it an Academy Award for Best Motion Picture Art! I hope you have sense of humor in that satire to see the negated standard.

The United States does not need to answer to any country for the opinions of its citizens.  Now, do I stand by the video? No – I have not seen it nor do I plan to.  That is not the point – Freedom of Speech stands irrespective of your personal agreement therein.  I do wish American’s would take greater honor in the way they carry themselves and how they represent their country – that includes what they say – but that is something I can not force upon them.  I will however protect their ability to speak freely first.  The second binding clause of the First Amendment discusses the freedom of the press.  Well that might as well be amended (copied) out of the Bill of Rights and moved (pasted) right to the Article II – under the Executive – because they practically uniformly work for him any way.  Proof of this can be seen in the open mic conversation between (independent) reporters before Romney’s press conference to defend his statement.  Obviously they all got there SMS talking points beforehand and gotten together to make sure there was going to be a broad consensus as to Romney’s “Shoot First – Aim Later” mantra; to then be backed up by the coolest-head in any room – Mr. Obama. The facts – are pesky things he like to normally distort and stay away from most of the time.  He does talk about them like they are his best friend though – again that makes for a more believable story.  But it appears again that he had his facts wrong again as it has been confirmed by a “top Obama administration official” that it was indeed a terrorist attack – not rioting over a video clip! So who is more correct on this foreign policy issue?  The sitting President who does not attend intelligence briefings and instead fund raises or the man who seeks to replace him?  It appears to me that Romney has the aim of a sniper and only needs to shoot once.  Was Romney’s steadfast defense of the Constitution right on target – you be the judge?

You, the reader, have a very clear choice in this election.  The differences can not be more clear.  I will not mince words here by saying that if you intend to vote for Obama in 48 days – you are voting for the absolution of the founding of this country. You are accepting another form of government – one of bureaucratic oligarchy – not constitutional republicanism.  Because if you can be fooled twice by the same Utopic story – you are the perfect useful idiot for them to use to gather power and ultimately render to a serf. I hope you were never fooled but if you were – will you be fooled again? Just think! Open your mind! Turn off the TV for a night and read something.  Question it.  Speculate the authors intentions and objectives.  Research a little history and begin to place yourself in history being made today.  Respect those who did not need to respect you by handing liberty and freedom down the generations.  And of course keep reading our articles!

In Part III we will discuss the egregious domestic violations of the first amendment through the “dog and pony” show our justice system has put on against the producer of the video clip.  The overwhelming evidence of an organized attack that has come to light.  And Obama’s reckless sense of priorities when it comes to Israel and our other allies.  Is he Nero? Does he have a fiddle?  Because it smells like a great deal is burning.