Status: Mission Critical

I want to highlight one topic, among the numerous topics, that President Obama publicly avoids discussing – and that are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So how is the war in Afghanistan going these days? Succeeding? Failing? Winning? Losing? I, like you, would have to search the page 2/3/4 articles in the news to even read a story about it. Good to know that our honest, trustworthy, and lastly “independent” press has done its due diligence since 2009 (after the true War on President Bush was over). I happen to stumble upon a story earlier this week regarding the current status of the fighting in Afghanistan. The article, written by Deb Riechmann, was buried in the AP news wire service. The article touches on the same disappointing point of press inconsistency.

The beautiful thing about the internet is that it allows a petty outspoken citizen to ability to search archives much easier than in previous times. I did a quick search on what the media coverage was in 2008 – the last presidential election. Below is a video taken from the show Countdown with Keith Olbermann (who has since been fired) – perhaps he should of stuck with ESPN? Good riddance I say – he should be right at home working for Al Gore – ohh wait he got fired from there too. Nevertheless, I am sure his coverage up to the 2008 elections were true and accurate to inform the viewers of the status on both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I happen to agree with Matthew Farwell’s statements in the article – he is at least honest about it. In my opinion we should of gone in there after 9/11 and used the unmatched power of our military to kill off as many radial extremists as we could and then left. The Rules of Engagement should of been “prove you do not side with the enemy” otherwise you are a potential target. Too severe? Too harsh? Well I happen to believe that when you commit men and material to battle you are not there to make friends. Certainly the Afghan culture is pretty close to as far away from ours as possible. Yet we are trying to instill our sense of independent spirit in them. Here I think the old adage “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” is perfect. We can give them all the money and opportunity to have a government that supports the individual over tribal association, but unless they want that structure – it will fade away in time. I think we are seeing it with the training of the Afghan Security Forces and the martyrs that kill American soldiers once they are “trained”. So are we then just occupiers?

I do not believe in Imperialism and I generally do not approve of American being the “Policemen of the World”. I do not believe we should “Spread Democracy” where there is “No Light”. It just isn’t good for business, history says that always leads to collapse. That is part of the reason why we are indebted as much as we are. Certainly it is not the major driver of our debt – that is Entitlement Spending (Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes galore). Let myself be completely clear – I have nothing but the most profound respect for the individuals who have sacrificed (some their time and some their lives) for the sake of our Republic. Certainly these sacrifices should not be used in vain. However, there needs to be a sound understanding of the merits worthy of such vital sacrifices.

Take a step back in time to the conclusion of the Korean War and the closing of President Eisenhower’s term in this Farewell Address in 1961. Here he famously quantified what he feared would become a machine unable to be controlled. The video, below, is a portion of his speech. His discussion of the “Military Industrial Complex” rings true to this very day, the referenced dialogue starts around minute six.

My question to you is – are we there so that we have a need for this Industrial Complex? Is that why we have bases scattered around the globe? Are these continued conflicts the Supply to meet the Complex’s required Demand? I don’t have that answer but I certainly think asking the question is important in wrapping ones head around how we seem to search for conflicts to involve ourselves in.

I fear that the next stop for our forces will be Syria or Iran. The international chess match is playing out before our very eyes. Iran has psuedo-hidden ties with both China, Russia, and Venezuela. Syria has open support from Russia. I have no confidence that the “Arab Spring” has any gleam of peace attached to it. I see these States becoming more Afghani-like extremists sanctuaries than bastions of freedom. The Muslim Brotherhood is not an organization any sane person would want having controlling authority over a country, but they do in Egypt. My prediction is that Egypt will regress – back to the tyranny that is embolden in their Muslim philosophy (Sharia Law). The one statement I will make about this “enlightenment” is that there was a stark divergence in world history at the onset of Western Civilization. The West embraced the individual and pursuit of productivity. The East held the status-quo and embraced different tenets. The results of history are the judge on what worked better and what did not! After all Egypt was far more advanced before Rome was – arguably they created arithmetic – but who went to the moon?

Back to the current state of world affairs; sadly all of these states have one single enemy – the State of Israel. This chess game is beginning to accelerate its pace of play. I am starting to see the use of a proxy-State, like Iran or Syria, to be used as a catalyst. Much as these proxy-states in the past were used to fight much bigger third-party battles (Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan (Soviets)) in recent times.

We as citizens need to understand these international affairs. Our accountability to history depends on it. The lessons learned should not be left for the archives. Those who sacrificed in those conflicts should not have done so to just have us come along and repeat the same thing. We need to open our eyes to how these events are tied together. Right now the status of our foreign policy is at “Mission Critical”. These issues have not gone away simply because our Obama-protectionist media have not run stories about the reality facing our troops to push their agenda. President Obama has an obligation to address his responsibilities, we need to hold him accountable along with Congress. I know I plan to on November the 6th!! Will you?