Campaigner in Chief

On Monday, August 20th, President Obama held his first press conference in nearly nine weeks. It certainly caught the mainstream media offguard who described the press conference as “surprising”, “impromptu”, and “unexpected”. What prompted this long overdue press conference? Well it wasn’t the looming ‘Taxmaggedon’ or a condemnation of China’s military formations threatening the Asian Pacific. Nor was it to discuss new proposals for stimulating job growth or to respond to the tyrannical remarks made by Iran directly threatening Israel. No, of course our ‘Campaigner in Chief’ would not want to discuss these topics, instead he called a press conference for political exploit.

Over the weekend Todd Akin uttered a truly boneheaded statement. A statement not worth repeating, as you have likely heard this hundreds of times in the past 72 hours. A warranted backlash occurred and Akin promptly apologized for his statement. Akin did not attempt to justify or clarify what he had said, he simply apologized. On Monday, President Obama called his first press conference in over two months to “respond” to Todd Akin’s statement. With the White House press corps in total shock to have the President in front of them answering questions, Jim Kuhnhenn asked “You’re no doubt aware of the comments that Missouri Senate candidate, Republican Todd Akin made on rape and abortion. I wonder if you think those views represent the views of the Republican Party in general?”. Obama breaks his White House silence to step into the batter’s box and crush this softball question. Keen to Obama’s press dodging, the GOP assembled this comical ad.

Over the past nine weeks, President Obama has done a few interviews with local reporters who are simply overmatched. When compared to the White House press corps, the local reporters that President Obama has sat down with are not versed in the slightest about national issues. In addition to the underskilled interviewers, Obama has placed stringent time limits on these interviews along with providing the topics that will be discussed.

The principle, short term focus of the President is to secure re-election. Putting off pressing legislation to deal with impending tax increases that will start taking nearly fifty percent of every dollar you earn and avoiding the rising tensions in the Middle East, Barack is simply waiting until November when he “will have more flexibility“. Expect nothing more from our Campaigner in Chief until November 7th, when he is either delivering his concession speech or “putting y’all back in chains”.

-Dean Jones