The complex world in which we live

It can easily be said that today is the day of greatest technology and tomorrow even greater.  Technology is rapidly increasing.  For instance, this week is a scheduled test of the X-51A Waverider hypersonic research vehicle.  This vehicle has been designed to achieve speeds of up to 3,600 MPH for a duration of 300 seconds.  This may seem trivial to some, but that rate equates to traveling from Los Angeles to New York in roughly 45 minutes.  That is a stark improvement over the emerging Boeing 787 airlines that will takes 350 minutes.  These improvements in technology are happening in every aspect of our society and our culture.  I would argue this is only due to the capitalist tendencies of our economy system, but this is not the point of my article today.

This complex and challenging world is simply too big for one person to comprehend inside and out – if you have any sort of humility you would agree with this.  Another part of the Statist’s chess game is to flood the “marketplace” of ideas with a sheer volume of material from “experts” and “it’s all very complicated” theoreticians full of self-contradictions.  The tendency is to pull back and not be inclined to investigate further – after all he/she is an expert of this matter.  It is easy to trust his/her judgement and accept the opinion of one individual – blindly.  That is precisely what they are hoping the vast majority of people do – give up and let someone else tell you what is good or bad, right or wrong, etc.  I will use Paul Ryan’s 2011 CPAC speech to further illustrate this notion of a complex world .

I have had my own theories on this matter but not with the cited works of F.A. Hayek and brought it all together as is done in Ryan’s speech.  For example, the state-sponsored medical research that concludes some otherwise benign activity or good causes cancer and if you do this, this, or this – you will die.  Then of course years later another study comes out that tells you the opposite is true and that because you did that you will die faster.  If you carry this absurd sequence out over time, the onslaught is overwhelming.  The die has been cast for you to simply fall in and fit the mold.  Do not question the expects and do not question the bureaucrats that wield the research as their sword to defeat the proposed evils of the world.

I will take this line of thought one step further and ask – why has this become so successful?  How has the fear of living life outside a antibacterial bubble worked so well? My two second answer is the innate human desire to live and to live long; this desire is used as a tool against the better of us (humans) by the wicked among us.  Do not get me wrong the medical researchers by-in-large are not the instigators of this game, their intentions are mainly genuine.

I would argue that the piss-poor education system in this country also allows for the wool to be pulled over our eyes.  The common individual today does not have the skills to discern fact from fiction or truth from opinion.  The shame is on the media for their dishonestly but responsibility ultimately lies with the individual and their acceptance of these lies.  The common individual does not have the proper foundations in mathematical reasoning, for example, to concluded himself that a maligned proposal is based on false premises.  You will have to forgive me for quoting myself in saying that “If you do not stand for something – you will fall for anything”.  How does an individual “stand” for something?  What is their “stance” based on?  It can only be based on one thing – their education.  I would argue that a properly educated individual can simplify the complex world into basic human understanding.  This understanding is on a level of awareness, not control.

If an individual’s education is flawed – then their reasoning will be flawed.  If an individual does not understand history then they will be inclined to believe a lie that has been told to many of people – the lie I am referring to, in this instance, is Statism.  In a sense, that a select group of experts have the ability to coordinate a complex and dynamic country.  The only way it can be done is to make the world like North Korea – simple and poor.  It just does not fly with me.  History says it has failed every time it has been implemented in a civilized country – those are facts.  The reason why it fails is because there is no such thing as an uber-human.  Human nature is flawed by its very nature – no exceptions.  So how is Statism better, more noble?  Good intentions?  Hardly worth sacrificing blood, treasure, and prosperity for good intentions.  Thomas Jefferson originally eluded to this point in his inaugural by saying:

“Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.”

The real results of the two philosophies could not be clearer.  The choice is yours:  Do you want to run your life to the utmost potential or do you want someone else to tell you when you will peak whilst guilting you into believing in even having the fortune to peak?  You only have one life you live … how do you want to spend it?