The True Content of Character

This past weekend, Saturday, Mitt Romney announced his vice presidential running mate. As I am sure the world is aware – he chose Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan. I personally, have been a fan of Paul Ryan since he became the House Budget Chairman after the 2010 mid-term elections. He is one of the rare-few Republicans that understands what is currently at stake with the fiscal policy of the United States. I am not a true red-blue Republican party man; I have as much disdain for moderate Republicans as much as I do unadulterated Statists. The dynamics of modern politics allow for only a two-party system, so I must align myself with the lesser of two evils.

There is an “old-guard” establishment sector of the Republican party that has chosen to claim and run campaigns with one philosophy and govern with another. The latter constitutes as much fiscal irresponsibility as the Democrats and Statists alike. I would like to expound on a stark difference I noticed in Ryan’s Saturday acceptance speech . The message is such a contrast from the message of the current administration and those who believe in the maligned and false representations of the ideals this country was founded upon.

The last four minutes of Ryan’s 17:20 speech goes to the heart of the idea – the idea of America. Sure there are iconic generalities and euphemisms in the speech that are not uncommon for politicians to use in order to frame their message. Nonetheless, I happen to think of myself as a good judge in character, a keen observer of human behavior. I do not have any formal training or independent study to hang on my wall; I will leave the formal arguments of psychology to my college and co-author -Mr. Dean Jones. Conviction and authenticity often are not poetic or superb examples of public speaking. I tend to leave those for Obama to perfect and deliver the emotion-attaching speech to persuade the audience into something perverted from the truth. But is sounds damn good, does it not? What I do know is that whenever Obama speaks – it has been calculated to the n-degree. Therefore, I trust nothing he utters from his mouth. Nothing he says can be trusted at face value. He, inherently, is not an honest man – his political pedigree prevents it. Certaimly his Presidency has proven it. Conversely, I am inclined to listen to Paul Ryan and get a sense of his character and his “moral compass”.

By nature, I am skeptical of having any faith or promise in anything that is presented from government officials – certainly at the federal level. Aside from sequestering more freedom from the populous, the government has done nothing reliably. However, Ryan’s budget proposal was another indication that he has the courage to speak the truth and take a stand in turbulent times. He had to know that there would be a tornado of controversy around every word of this proposal, The Path to Prosperity. He could have done what the Senate has done for almost 3.5 years and not propose or accept any form of a budget – instead choose to fund the government based on continuing resolutions. To me, these are indications of character and sense of accountability to the consenting governed on both polar extremes. One sees the stewardship as an honor and privilege – the other only contempt and loathing for the unter-class. I am hopefully for the future when leadership, once again, treats the American citizen as an intelligent individual and not the naive collective that has to spoken down to upon high. Time will only tell if that is the case, but a recent exchange at a Romney rally in Wisconsin yesterday (12 Aug 2012) further fosters my hope .

In my relatively short exposure to the opposition’s core intentions, I have become acutely aware of the nature of their constituents – the measure of their minds. The individual above does not represent their majority, but he (assuming a male) does represent the neutering of the independent mind that is a result of the current American public education system. Something that resonates with too many voters in this country today.

We are roughly 90-some days away from the general election. I know for certain that every aspect of Ryan’s character will be focused on “like a laser beam” as Obama likes to say. We will know infinitely more about him and his life that we could ever indulge ourselves over – he knows that and Romney knows that. The game is slanted. The rules unequally applied. However, in reality (their fairy-land), the only substance they will have to attack on will be based on emotion and subjective premises – of which are only rooted in feral behavior. The sub-division of people unbalanced only by the weight of greed, envy, lust, laziness, et al.

My hope for the Romney campaign is to confront Obama on his ideas and beliefs. Cut through the fog of despotism that surrounds Obama and his administration. Provide clear and courageous contrast to the radical and tyrannical ideas under-pinning Obama’s world view and exposed in the act of his policies. A campaign unafraid to “call a sheep a sheep” or a “tax a tax” will result in a resounding victory. A campaign full of timidity and fear of character assassination slogans (i.e.: racists, bigot, homophobic, et al.) will result in nothing short of the election we witnessed in 2008. After all, Martin Luther King asked that we judge a man by the content of his character, not by the color of their skin. That statement is a two-way street. Judge Obama on the content of his character, not without thought for sake of his skin.