Discussing the Disgusting

Whether you are a liberal, conservative, libertarian, moderate, or are somewhere in between, then the latest attack ad from the pro-Obama Super PAC ‘Priorities USA’ should disgust you. In case you haven’t seen this repugnant minute of media, here’s the link.

For starters, this ad is a beyond deceptive with the ambiguity of Soptic’s recount of his wife’s death. To break this down quickly and move on to my point here is a comparison of the ad versus the facts (as reported by CNN).

But since when have facts mattered to Progressives when they’re trying to make their point. The assertion that the republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is responsible for the death of Ranae Soptic is utterly reckless. This assertion opens up the window to cross-examine the President on the same ground.

Is President Obama responsible for the death of Brian Terry, the US Border Patrol Agent, who was gunned down by an American gun that ‘walked’ across the border to Mexico as a part of the botched ‘Fast and Furious’ operation? Perhaps, but we will have to see how involved with ‘Fast and Furious’ he was. We will most likely have to wait too long to find out to be relevant to this comparison, but it is important nonetheless.

Is President Obama responsible for the death of Josephine ‘Anne’ Harris’ in Ohio who died from a heart attack 3 hours after meeting him? No, absolutely not. Death is a natural part of human existence and asserting that President Obama induced this woman’s heart attack is outrageous. Just as outrageous as the claim that Mitt Romney is responsible for the death of Ranae Soptic.

With about three months until the election, I feel that we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to repulsive attack ads like this one. How deep is the Left prepared to dig in order to throw enough dirt on Mitt Romney? How will Mitt Romney respond? What effect will this have on the presidential election?

Unfortunate for us, only time will answer the first two questions however I may provide some insight into the last question pertaining to its effect on the presidential election. A very recent example of a fierce race and disgusting attack ads is what just wrapped up in Texas as David Dewhurt and Ted Cruz faced off in the Texas Senate Republican primary.

“Ted Cruz Should Be Ashamed – Attack Ad”

One week prior to the run-off, the following attack ad ran alleging Ted Cruz is responsible for the suicide of a Pennsylvannia teenager.  The reaction of Texans (and the rest of the United States) was universal disgust. Negative ads may prove to be effective in some instances however a campaign lacking sustenance which features only attacks of the opposition is doomed. As seen in Texas, Ted Cruz ‘cruised’ to a victory over David Dewhurst, who was backed from top to bottom by ‘establishment Republicans’. The Texas voters had crossed the point where negative ads were weapons against the attacker rather than the target. Will the American people reach that point? Mitt Romney is still bound to the campaign finance laws that govern spending for the primary race which restricts his spending ability. Will Mitt join the President in the proverbial “gutter” once his coffers are opened? As recent examples show, the constituents can only be pushed so far. Stay tuned as we continue to visit this topic and analyze ads leading up to the presidential election.

-Dean Jones