What lies ahead …

The pursuit of truth – it is easy to say and it sounds nice when you say it. What is it when you get down to it and really expand upon it?  What truth are you looking for?  The one that makes you feel good inside; to feel noble and proud of ones efforts?  For some, this is where the thinking stops and blind-folded acceptance takes over.  You will not find that here and certainly not with me.  My goal is to search for the basic truths that exist in life, those some call self-evident.

I am an engineer by trained profession, a student of the applied sciences.  Our minds are molded to approach a problem with a set of truths and principles and form conclusions with the limitation in mind.

Too often this process is lost outside of the scientific, logic-based community; too many within this community also fall prey to the absoluteness of a theocratic social proposal.

My motivation for this blog is to provide the public exposition of the false premises sold as fact in today’s new media as they relate to civics and the constructs of government.  My introspection came roughly 5 years ago, at the age of twenty-two.  There I started to finally mature and experience the raw reality of the world and my existence within it.  I was raised with common sense oriented parents and family, so naturally most of the “progressive” experiments ran across my grain.  I have resolved myself to be the “master of my fate” and the “captain of my soul” as William Ernest Henley so graciously put it.

I will never pretend to know the pure truth in any matter; I have enough humility and reverence in the human condition to know better.  My pursuit, as it is, has aim at only forming the footings on which to build a foundation of knowledge upon.  The content of subsequent posts will be a means to that end.  There will be no issue off-limits, the links between are inextricable.  I am still an admitted student of the world, I approach each day with hopes to grasp more understanding of it and to gain accelerated wisdom.

I will use the skills that God Almighty has given me to see the world with unique integration.  The one truth that is unmistakable is that there are evil people in this world who seek only absolute power.  This has been a fact since the beginning of human existence.  My attempt will be to peel back their veil of disguise and reveal their true intentions.  My hope for this blog and post from other authors is an honest debate on the issues and vigorous discussion with a sense of satire and cynical humor.  My goal is not to tell you what to think or what to say – it is to get you to think for yourself and form your own conclusions therefrom. You, as the reader, will embark on this journey with me; this is what lies ahead.

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